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February 1, 2019
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February 6, 2019

By Cassie

So far this year, Xiled Syndicate has announced new products in the store, opportunities, and sponsors. It’s only the first month in 2019, and XS isn’t stopping anytime soon to give you the best products, learning experiences, and value. So once again, Xiled Syndicate has a new sponsor!

SnSLabz started in the Fall of 2018, is dedicated to bringing the best products they can for our members and their customers. SnSLabz mainly focuses on stands for your headsets, controllers, and phones. A relatively new company, SnSLabz continues to push the boundaries for helping gamers ball on a budget. SnSLabz has been so kind to sponsor XS, and with that we are grateful. Members can now experience high quality while repping XS pride with these insane prices of stands.

On the front of the stand, as you can see, the XS logo is very prominent and clean looking. But that’s not all, these stands will only cost members money ranging from 15, 25, and 35 (bundle deal) dollars and come in either red, yellow, black, light blue, dark blue, or grey. But remember, these products are available ONLY at shop.xiled.gg . With many styles to choose from, members can make sure to keep their electronics in these stands without fear of them breaking while also looking stylish repping XS.

Together, we’ll bring custom XS Controller, Phone, Tablet and Headset Stands to gamers worldwide. Purchase your XS electronic stands at https://t.co/lC39cbk7VM and receive FREE Shipping with code “FREE”

If you would like to check out their store, for more products or follow them to support, please go to: snslabz.com / @snslabz


  1. Ian says:

    Welcome to the family!!!! Been wanting a controller stand, can’t wait to order one.

  2. KN NAUGHTY 7XS says:

    Welcome and very glad and excited to have join our XS family, got to say love this item and I need one for my cell. 🙏🏽♥️

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