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January 15, 2019
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January 16, 2019


Xiled Syndicate is always trying to make sure our members have every single opportunity to be successful. This can be from the art team, teaching others to be better at shading, fonts, or renders so that the individual can build up their portfolio. Or it can be from our forums staff team, being able to learn how to moderate, code or help keep the forums to be neat and land you that computer programing job because of the experience you had here. Well, one of the many things we offer is streaming. Streaming is a huge platform, being able to put our members out there, doing what they love to do – gaming.

Xiled Syndicate is on Mixer, the Twitch of streaming on Xbox, with currently just over 100 followers but we need your help. The XS Media team has set an achievable goal of reaching 500 followers by the end of February. With consistent giveaways, members can expect to win awesome prizes varying throughout the rest of the year and so on!

At 500 followers: Mr XGN will be giving away any gave of the winners choice, on any platform, PC, Xbox, etc. So come on to the stream, watch, comment, and continue to support the #XiledMovement while helping fellow XS members to build their portfolio, or just support in general for something they love to do. If you are interested in joining the stream team go to and scroll down to “Stream Team Application”

Go here to follow: Xiled Syndicate’s Mixer

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  1. kolby williams says:

    This is crazy to do and amazing as well

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