Xiled Gaming Syndicate, LLC.

We’re a coalition of gaming organizations and personalities including Xiled Gaming Network, The Xiled Ones and Killjoy Network.

Our hope is to reinstall the art of respectful community competition and rivalries that are exciting to watch and even more thrilling for the players.

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Our Network

Xiled Gaming Network was established July 7th 2010 with the mission to provide avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to enhance their online gaming experience. Members of XGN find like minded gamers who share common interests that are supportive, social and caring for one another. By utilizing our ranking structure players find themselves learning key techniques to success such as loyalty, dedication and patience. If you’re a mature and open minded gamer we’re the community for you!

Xiled Syndicate is happy to have the #1 gaming community apart of our network and plan to sign and create many more.

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The Xiled Ones is a multi-platform gaming organization forming early 2019 as the sister community of iconic organization Xiled Gaming Network. With support and guidance from XGN we're sure TXO will be a great success!

Xiled Syndicate is happy to have this upcoming community apart of our Network and look forward to assisting their growth.

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Killjoy Network is the unique result of three men who sat down and planned to begin the greatest gaming community ever produced. The mind-blowing community consists of a special group of young and older individuals that share a common goal: gaming. Our members bridge the gap and build leaders for every age group to reinforce their real-life work ethics and goal oriented lifestyles.

Xiled Syndicate is happy to have this new generation gaming organization by legendary community leaders apart of our network!.

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